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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Native American Heritage

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Whether you seek to learn about the lives of those who came before, share memories with those who are still here, or add your own stories for future generationstake some time to connect to your family this month. Below you'll find a collection of activities that we hope will inspire you.

1. Save a memory that could be lost.

A memory can be lost when a family member passes away before the memory has been shared or recorded. Take the time to ask meaningful questions to an older family member about their life. You can record the conversations or have them write it down in their own words.

2. Interview a relative.

Enjoy the company of one of your relatives and find out more about them. Discuss historical events that happened during their lifetime. Ask them what life was like when they were growing up. Discover what their favorite memories are as a child, teenager, or new parent. Learn which traditions are their favorite and more!

3. Preserve a family recipe.

Collect all your heritage recipes into one place and make them into a book or host a lesson to teach the next generation about your family recipes. Take some time to preserve a family recipe this week and make sure to share your personal memories about it with those you love.

4. Take a walk with your ancestors.

Try to understand what life was like for one of your ancestors. Go to the places they lived or visited. Walk where they have walked, eat the foods that they ate, listen for the sounds they may have heard, and do some of the things they did. Learning their history and sharing in a physical experience can help you feel connected to them.

5. Learn about your name.

Names can carry deep personal, cultural, and familial connections. They can give us a sense of who we are and the communities in which we belong. Set aside some time to discover the story behind your name.

6. Tell your story.

Sometimes our memory can get fuzzy as we get older. Start preserving your story by recording your memories daily in a journal, blog, or video series. Keep a record of your life to pass on to future generations. Let them hear your voice, experiences, and wisdom.

7. Take family photos.

Dust off that old camera or use your smartphone. Challenge yourself to take a photo about your family every day this month. You can take a photo of your home, your grandparents' hands, and anything else that reflects your family life.

8. Share childhood memories on social media.

Sharing your childhood memories online can be a fun way to record important life experiences for future generations. You can write about your greatest accomplishment, embarrass a sibling, or honor a family member by posting a treasured personal story about them. Go through your old photos and start posting today!

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