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Photo Guidelines

We require that the photo submitted with the application is:


  • Recent photo of the applicant

  • Applicant’s face clear and visible

  • No added filters

  • High Resolution, not pixelated

If sending a selfie is your only option, here are some tips for taking a great selfie:

  • Position yourself near a window for great indoor light

  • If you’re taking the photo inside choose a neutral wall as your background

  • For good outdoor light stand under a shady tree or take the photo early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is closer to the horizon but not yet set

  • Make sure the sun or lighting comes from in front or to the side of your face, not from behind

  • Choose to be sitting or standing, make sure to straighten your back and look eye-level into the camera

  • Set the photo timer on your camera, prop your phone up on a table, and take a step back so it looks like someone else took the photo

  • Most importantly, be comfortable and smile!

What not to do when taking a selfie:

  • No noticeable photo filters

  • Avoid bathroom selfies, mirror selfies, car selfies, and gym selfies

  • Don’t hold the camera below eye level

  • Don’t use flash – it gives a harsh look to your photo

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