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Idaho National Laboratory Supports AIS PREP

American Indian Services PREP program opened a campus in Idaho this last summer and we were lucky enough to find a great partner in Idaho National Laboratory.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership

Idaho National Laboratory recently wrote an article about their involvement in the AIS PREP program and we want to share what an enormous help they were in getting the Idaho campus up and running. Here’s a snippet from the article:

”How many of you like explosions?” Clark asked. All hands went up. “Why do people like explosions? Because they feel that they are in control of energy. Did you know that there is available energy all around us, and that there are people who are paid to blow things up to learn how to control and use that energy? If you can get paid to do stuff that’s fun, how cool is that?”

Clark was followed a day later by INL tour guides Shelly Norman and Lara Hays, who gave a radiation demonstration and presentation. The next day, radiochemist Catherine Riddle talked in her own inimitable way about nuclear forensics and chemistry.

“It’s been pretty interesting,” said Yamni Chandler, an eighth grader at Hawthorne Middle School in Pocatello. “We learned how to make elephant toothpaste, how radiation is everywhere, what’s dangerous and what won’t affect you.”

Article continued here…

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