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Tuba City, Arizona

June 6 - July 15

Duration of Summer School

Tuba City, Arizona 

Site Location


Meet Farrah

Hello, my name is Farrah Klein and I am the Site Coordinator for the AIS PREP Program in Tuba City, AZ. I am half Hopi and half Navajo. I currently reside on the Hopi Reservation. I am a graduate of Arizona State University with a Master's Degree in Special Education; I am also and educator here in Tuba City, working with 6th grade students. I have been working with AIS PREP for 6 years by providing college readiness and learning opportunities for children in my community. As an educator in my community, I believe STEM provides our children the skills needed for future education/trades which will assist them in their adult lives. In the years working with the youth in my community I find that the students grow, become critical thinkers and scholars. STEm is a great assets to our community, and I am glad to be the Site Coordinator for Tuba City.

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Want to apply?

Join the fun! To apply, make sure to have your current report card, teacher recommendation, and essay about why you want to attend AIS PREP.

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